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We Believe- It's Time!

God is moving you higher; he's calling you to greater!

No More settling, No More existing in mediocrity.

Now is your season of victory,

Now is your season of abundance,

Now is your season of increase.

No more defeat,

No more lack,

No more excuses.

Scripture tells us that faith without works is dead; It's time to show God you believe through your actions. Time to go where you never thought you could go, do what you never thought you could do. Time to stand in line, walk through the door and take your seat at the table.

We have not because we ask not!! But now we are asking God for more! We are asking God for the favor, we're asking God for the opportunity, we're asking for the breakthrough, for the healing, the forgiveness, the deliverance, the miracle... We're asking for the IMPOSSIBLE.

No longer will we sit back and watch others live the life that God has created for them. Now is our turn to live the life that God designed for us!

This year requires that we walk in courage, we walk in boldness, we walk in power, we walk in confidence, we walk in authority, we walk in obedience, we walk in love, and we walk in faith!

Like Noah, we'll build for the thing that no-one believes is coming.

Like Gideon, we'll go and possess the camp we seem to small and outnumbered to possess.

Like David, we'll bring down the giant we seem to little and ill equipped to stand up against.

Like Jeremiah, we'll go and say the thing we seem to young and inexperienced to say.

Like Rehab, we'll go and request favor out of the hands of our enemies.

Like Mary, we'll birth the blessing this world never knew they needed.

We Believe!

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